About Us

Ashford has over 25 years of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience

Ashford Laboratories, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality pharmaceutical products that meet internationally accepted Good Manufacturing Practices and Standards in both Sterile and non-Sterile operations for over 25 years.

Ashford Laboratories manufactures a wide range of pharmaceuticals, such as:

  1. ophthalmic eye drops and ointments,
  2. topical creams & ointments,
  3. oral tablets,
  4. oral capsules,
  5. oral liquid preparations
  6. injectables, and
  7. food supplement products.

These products have passed the market standards in Asia, Australia, South Pacific, Middle East and Central America.

As our main business, Ashford Laboratories provides contract or toll manufacturing services supported by a competent Quality Control and Assurance department complemented with continuing Research and Product Development and other Technical Services.

Our compact and dynamic operations enable us to serve our customers’ requirements in better than industry leadtimes while allowing for small to medium batch sizes production runs.


We at Ashford aim to continually manufacture quality, safe and affordable pharmaceutical products through people empowerment, cost efficient operations and strict compliance with the industry’s best practices. We commit to serve our clients with “Better than Industry” leadtimes for total customer satisfaction.

It is our vision that Ashford Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Inc. will be the contract manufacturing company of choice for both local and foreign clients in the Southeast Asian region.


Ashford is equipped with the latest Manufacturing Equipment and Quality Control Analytical Instruments

Ashford Laboratories is equipped to manufacture, package and repack to serve a wide range of contract manufacturing requirements. Among its facilities are:

  • A cGMP compliant Plant with Controlled Air Classification: Class 100 for the Sterile area, and class 100,000 for the non-Sterile area as part of its, Manufacturing & Primary Packaging Areas.
  • It has a Purified Water System compliant to stringent Process Water Standards.
  • It has appropriate capacities to do Ophthalmic/Otic drops in eye drop bottles, Ointments & Creams in tubes and jars, Solid Dosage Forms (Tablets and Capsules in Strip or Blister Packing), Liquid Preparations, Solution or Powder Injectables (in Vials & Ampoules).
  • Its Quality Control laboratory is equipped with latest analytical instruments & apparatus to cope with the stringent standards for New Materials, Process Control, Finished Product Quality and Environmental Standards & Specifications.
  • Compounding Process capacity of 1,000 Liter batch for liquids & suspension preparations.
  • Vacuum-Homomixer ( with impeller, agitator and homogenizer), equipped with a 45 psig vacuum unit to remove air bubbles; with a 120 L capacity.
  • Heat Jacketed kettle with 100 kilos capacity.
  • Tube filling machine with volume from 2.5 grams to 15 grams.
  • Super Coater for film / sugar coating with a capacity of 120-150 kilos.
  • Repacking of Finished Bulk Tablets into Strips, or Blister Packs, or Bottles.

Contact Us

Our office is located at 145 P. Oliveros St., Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines. You may reach via telephone through these numbers: (632) 658-3969 and (632) 440-4095. Our fax line is at (632) 658-4298.